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Dr. Kevin Young dr. med. is the founder of Aesthetics Young. In 1996 he opened the first outpatient clinic for cosmetic surgery in San Francisco bay. Prior to the opening of his clinic, he worked as a general surgeon at the San Francisco General Hospital and was already focusing on plastic surgery.

In his clinic, as a mentor, he transferred his international knowledge and experience to younger surgeons and established a top and professional medical team.

According to him, the purpose of cosmetic procedures is to help people who are dissatisfied with their self-image and find it difficult to accept themselves as they are, because not accepting a certain part of the body takes away so much life energy that they find it difficult to live.

He is convinced that a surgeon must also have psychological knowledge, as he must be able to overestimate who he will really help with the operation. And if they give them back their life energy, they have fulfilled their mission.

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