Abdominoplasty – Removing excess skin on the abdomen is a surgical procedure that removes excess, sagging skin on the abdomen, which is most often the result of pregnancy or extensive weight loss. During the procedure, we fix the bulging and sagging abdomen, remove the excess skin, and tighten the one that we keep. This creates a taut belly and a firmer physique. In some cases, for a better result, abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction, which removes excess fat from the abdomen of nearby parts of the body, most often from the back in the lumbar region of the body. The procedure is suitable for both women and men.


30-90 min




1 day



Absence of work

7-10 days

Seams removal

7-10 days

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Who is abdominoplasty suitable for?

Abdominoplasty is primarily suitable for mothers after childbirth with excess and sagging skin on the abdomen. Candidates for abdominoplasty are usually also women and men who face distended and weakened abdominal muscles (rectal diastasis) that are either the result of multiple pregnancies or being overweight. This procedure is often used by women or men whose abdomen stands out from the rest of the body.

What types of abdominoplasty are there?

Mini abdominoplasty

Mini abdominoplasty is performed only by correction of the lower abdomen. In the case of a little excess skin in the lower abdomen, the procedure can be performed with a relatively short incision, which is similar to or slightly longer than a caesarean section. In this case, the navel is not represented. For a better result, mini abdominoplasty can also be combined with liposuction.

Real abdominoplasty

For most women who have a tummy after childbirth, standard abdominoplasty is appropriate. With this procedure, we reshape the entire abdominal wall and thus aesthetically repair the abdomen. This surgery leaves a long horizontal scar in the lower abdomen that reaches towards the hips and can be hidden with a swimsuit. During the procedure, a significant part of the skin and adipose tissue is removed, the abdominal wall muscles are sutured and strengthened if they are spaced apart, and stretch marks are removed. We also place the navel in a new place, around which a permanent scar remains. True abdominoplasty gives the best aesthetic results, so patients are very happy with it. Our doctors will advise you on which technique is right for you at the consultation and examination.

How is recovery after abdominoplasty?

Because abdominoplasty is an extensive procedure, recovery is also lengthy. A few days after the procedure you will have swelling and bruising, you will feel discomfort in the operated part. All of this can take up to four weeks. Pain medications are prescribed to relieve pain. In most cases, drainage of blood from the abdomen is required for the first few days after the procedure, so we install drainage tubes during the operation, which the surgeon removes after a few days at the check-up. You will need help with certain tasks for a few days after the operation. When the first discomfort passes, you can go for short walks. For at least six weeks after the procedure, you should avoid physical exercise and strenuous exertion, as well as lifting all types of loads (lighter and heavier). The first results of abdominoplasty are visible when the swelling disappears, which can be only after three months or even after one year.

How does abdominoplasty work?

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made in the lower abdomen, similar to a caesarean section. How long the incision will be depends on how much skin needs to be removed and whether abdominoplasty is combined with any other procedure, most often liposuction. With it, we can emphasize the waist even better and remove fat in the upper and lower abdomen and on the abdomen of adjacent parts of the body: the hips, the lumbar region of the back and the buttocks. The combination of abdominoplasty with liposuction usually leads to an aesthetically even better result. Our cosmetic surgeons will advise you on whether the combination of both procedures makes sense at the consultation and examination. During the procedure, the skin and fat are then cut from the lower abdomen. In the middle part of the abdomen, sew up and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall, if they are spaced apart, thus achieving a flat and firm abdomen again. By removing the skin, we also remove stretch marks and place a navel in a new place, around which a permanent scar remains. The duration of abdominoplasty depends on the type of procedure, usually up to three hours. For greater safety and comfort, we recommend that you spend the night after the procedure at our clinic.

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