Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation – augmentation mammoplasty is a breast surgery that most often enlarges naturally small breasts or those that have lost their volume after pregnancy. In the case of excessive sagging breasts, in addition to breast augmentation, it is often necessary to lift them – mastopexy. Breast augmentation involves increasing the altered volume of the breast with the help of breast implants, which are usually inserted under the breast tissue. Breast augmentation is usually chosen by women who want a more harmonious appearance of their body – for example, they have relatively small breasts or want to regain breast volume lost due to aging, pregnancy or after a large weight loss. Breast augmentation is without a doubt a life-changing procedure for many women.






1 day



Absence of work

7-10 days

Seams removal

7-10 days

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What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

All breast augmentation options

Implant filling

silicone or cohesive gel

Implant shape

round or teardrop (anatomical)

Implant size

250-450 ml

Implant insertion

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