Breast reduction - Mammoplasty

Breast reduction – reduction mammoplasty is a breast operation that reduces the volume of usually oversized breasts. In addition to the aesthetic effect, the procedure is primarily intended to alleviate the symptoms of excessive breast size and weight. During breast reduction, the surgeon removes excess skin, tissue, and fat, raises the nipples, and rings to a higher position on the breast, usually reducing the size of the ring as well. Simultaneously with the reduction of the breast, we also raise it, so that the result is smaller and also more youthfully tense breasts. Because the breasts are more proportionate to the body after reduction, many women can become more physically active again after surgery and improve their fitness.






1 day



Absence of work

7-10 days

Seams removal

7-10 days

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What are the most common reasons for breast reduction

What are the benefits of breast reduction?

The decision to reduce breasts most often consists of a combination of different factors. Too big breasts can cause you various inconveniences and consequently malaise. With the help of surgery, in addition to placing your breasts in geometric balance with the rest of your body, we also remove your problems caused by your oversized breasts. This way you achieve relief in many areas of life, and you will also be impressed by the healthy and beautiful appearance of your breasts.

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